Wednesday, June 10, 2009


You knew the Pens could do it.

Pensomniac Milestone: 1000+ page views.
Of course most of them are people searching “masturbation” on Google Image Search and mistakenly ending up here.
If only that was a joke.
Oh Sitetracker, you devil.

Should they be embarrassed or should I?

Anyway, if you have kids, and they’re searching masturbation related terms on Google Images, teach them how to find porn. Google Images is great, but it’s no way to go through life.
You’ll just keep ending up here, disappointment city.

I’m sure most of the unofficial Penguins’ fan blogs get the traffic I’ve got in this blog’s existence every day.

Enough of that bs, Hockey after the jump.



Anybody else get the Sims 3 yet? I doubt anybody cares…
But there’s a character named Gobias Koffi.

So there’s not that much hockey.

Jim Shearer, I don’t know how you got my email.
Did I sign up for something?
Were you googling something along the lines of…masturbation?
I’ll probably never know.
Even though you (more than likely) won’t see this…Thank You.
If you haven’t seen these yet, do yourself a favor. Quality.

Confession time. Are you ready? Personal stuff right here.

Alright people, here it comes:
When I was a little kid, I kind of had this problem,


and it’s not even that big of a deal.
Something like 8% of kids do it but whatever.


For some reason, I don’t know why,
I would just kind of sit around all day
…and draw pictures of dicks. 


 1971. Déjà Vu.

There’s no momentum with your back against the wall.
The Stanley Cup is 1 win away from Sidney Crosby’s hands.

Can you feel it?!