Tuesday, September 8, 2009

End of Summer

Remember those commercials?
”The Cup changes everything”

Yeah. This was the best summer in the burgh since ‘92.
I don’t even remember 1992.

Quick thoughts on the Pens:

  • Jay McKee

  • For Gill, that would defy physics. Scuds just wasn’t the type.
    If McKee stays healthy, will the Penguins have 2 Orpiks?

  • We’re going to miss Petr Sykora, but we’re not going to miss certain things about him. In his place will likely be Max Talbot, although not to start the season. The Pens are losing a scoring touch(until June) and a slow perimeter player. Whoever fills Sykora’s spot on Malkin’s right will bring more defensive reliability and undoubtedly a better work rate.

  • Mike Rupp. Nice. According to HockeyFights, Rupp had 16 fights last season and a record of 9-5-2. Only 5 less fights than Godard who went 11-5-5. Win%: Rupp .563 Godard: .523

  • Guerin’s coming back. I think I’ve said this before, but if not, here it is again: I didn’t like the signing at the deadline.

    This is why I will never be a GM.

  • Wade Brookbank and Wyatt Smith. How much of either of these 2 will we see in Pittsburgh? Wyatt Smith might log some time on the 4th line but he’s not really capable of a top 9 role, but as pathetic as that sounds, he plays solid D for a forward. Brookbank fights and, as far as I know, that’s about it.

  • The comparison has probably been made a thousand times but doesn't Tyler Kennedy look like a slightly bigger Brian Gionta?
  • Nothing to watch after 1:32 or so. Literally just nothing there. Plus the video’s old.

    Kennedy Gionta
    1st NHL Season .35ppg 07-08 .33ppg 01-02
    2nd NHL Season .52ppg 08-09 .43ppg 02-03
    Those aren’t adjusted.
  • Aside from his sophomore slump, is it too early to figure Jordan Staal for 20+ goals per season? He turns 21 on Thursday (9/10) and he’s played in 294 NHL games.
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