Friday, April 10, 2009


So there are going to be some changes around Pensomniac.
Posts have been on hiatus for a little bit, but I'm learning new stuff to help make this better.

Go check out thePensblog. Get involved.

Click and continue...

I’ve more or less figured out how to do this “read more” thing.

The homepage will be much more navigable as you will be able to see multiple posts without scrolling forever.

That’s probably pretty disappointing to everyone else, but for me, it’s a breakthrough.

I’ve been working on some photoshops and getting a few posts prepared. When they’re ready, they’ll be good.

We’ll be doing a final look into the playoffs, covering the rags, the habs, and the flyers.

There’ll be a post after the seeding is set. Predictions and what not.

My thoughts on TK.

Good things. You should be excited, I sure am.

Click that to see the original.

Go Pens.

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