Sunday, March 1, 2009

3-1-09 Pens vs Stars


Love it.

The Stars are 29-25-7 for 65pts and a tie for 10th place in the Western Conference.

Turco is generally having an off-year. He's coming off of 4 straight losses and 2 nights that certainly didn't help his save percentage, with a .778 and a .864, (not too) respectfully.

The Stars' leading scorer is Mike Ribeiro with 15g 41a and 56p. Haven't seen too much of Mike Ribeiro. That said, decent numbers for a setup guy...

Might have something to do with Loui Eriksson and his 27g. It's worth adding that his 27g this season so far are a career high for him.

He's 23. Imagine him in 5 years...

Well I guess that didn't really pertain to anything.

But today's game is big. I know that we're all aware of the Pen's situation and their dire need for points...

At some point, the Pens have to actually leapfrog a few teams if they want to keep their Playoff hopes kicking. Today would be a FINE day for that. Dallas is in the same boat as the Penguins in terms of the playoff picture so you know they'll be desperate coming off 4 losses.

Let's Go Pens!

Note: So I was checking out the Stars' Website... There are things that other NHL teams have that the Pens do not....and probably for good reason.

Planet Tan Ice Girls? Pass.

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