Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Late Post. 3/18


Martin Brodeur officially passed Patrick Roy as the NHL’s all time Wins leader.

Now all he needs is a bitchin’ moustache. (Maybe)

The Devils beat Chicago 3-2. That doesn’t hurt us.

The Rags and Habs drew at 3. douches. Rags in the SO. FU. Neither team winning was particularly good for the Pens, but the worst case scenario went down and both teams got something.

Buffalo and the SENS. Buffalo isn’t out of it yet…but are they? Is Vanek back? what about Miller? they have 12 games left, and are sitting in the 10slot with 76pts. If they were to win out…they’d have 100pts. Unrealistic. 9-3 though. That’s what gets them to 94. If they get healthy and are strong through their remaining games, it’s still to early to tell. They’re quickly finding themselves less and less relevant. F the sens and their jerseys.

Toronto and Tampa are still playing games as well. one of them won. who cares.

Washington took care of biz and shut Florida down for a 3-0 win. Florida is in contention for a spot with the Penguins. I do really like Jay Bouwmeester though; but Crosby likes to burn him like a White Owl behind a Taco Bell. Is Jaybo overrated? I can’t say. Just haven’t seen enough of him to give him a fair assessment.

Philly lost to Detroit. F Detroit. Big time. but still…they were the team we needed to win if we’re still living the pipe dream that we’ll overtake the Flyers in the standings. They have 3 games in hand. They could give us this one, but they’re a good team. Good teams don’t do that. Martin Biron does though, regardless of the team he’s on. It’s possible. but those 3 games could be HUGE for them.

Later today…

Devils vs. Canes. Go Marty! With Brodeur at the helm, the Devils can make a push to challenge the Bruins for tops of the pops. Something about Boston I just don’t like. If the Penguins aren’t #1, it’s a shame someone else has to be.

That game is the eastern conference action tomorrow. Nice. Was hoping it’d be nationally televised…no dice.


Coming Soon 

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  • Moustaches (Maybe)

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Go Pens.

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