Monday, March 2, 2009

4-1 Penguins over Stars. Not so live edition.

It’s 2:00 in the AM; freshness after a big win.

Perhaps it’s worth mentioning…if the playoffs ended today…

The Pens are in 8th place.

Back to the game.

As far as a recap goes…this is my first one…and a pathetic failure it truly is. As was mentioned last post; this was not going to be a big deal even if I had reached my intended goal.

During the pregame, we were honored to witness a display of technical mastery second only to that of a monkey-shit-fight at the zoo. When i was in middle school, we had a public access news channel. The difference between that and FSN? The 12-year-olds’ channel never cut out. ever.

Middle School Shop Teacher>FSN


I intend on making some graphics for things like the periods and shit like that. You get to things when you do.

17:00- Nothing to talk about from opening face off until now when the only thing I can really say is that there’s nothing to say.

16:14- Staal and Modano collide in the Pens’ zone. Modano breaks his hip. He wouldn’t be out long.

15:52- 2 on 1, Malkin shoots off of Tobias Stephan’s pads, Staal collects the rebound and buries it. 17th this year.

11:50- F1, F2, F3. When is this going to stop? These are the times that I wish I was connected in the Blogging world enough to ask bloggers elsewhere whether or not they EVER hear their announcers talking about that and the center drive.

Jayvee Broadcasting Crew.  WEATHER

This is where it starts to go downhill for me. The broadcast cuts out and I’m lost. It took a few minutes for it to dawn on me that there’s probably a stream somewhere. Thanks for the link Pensblog. These are the times that i feel like in spite of being a fan my entire life, I’m really out of touch with how to be a good fan.

So I watched online, like I’m sure many others did, during our little blackout.

So you follow that I’m watching the game while it’s not on fsn…Doesn’t mean I’m actually writing anything. FAILURE! What am I to do…get better at this I guess.

So a few more notes…no more recap.

  • Letang’s goal. Where’s that been?! Seen him skate, seen him shoot, seen him hit. Good Player. Haven’t seen that until today. Could Ryan Whitney do that? I can’t say that I think he could.
  • Satan’s goal. Everyone knows that Miro Satan is having a…slightly lackluster season. He’s been hot as of late, but at some point other teams will realize that even as bad as he’s been, you can’t just give him goals.
  • Malkin’s goal. That’s what it looks like when a bad bounce is favorable to the Penguins. Seems like we only ever remember the bad things. Good things come to Penguins sometimes too.
  • Jordan Staal has been phenomenal the past 2 games. It’s a real shame he can’t figure out how to play the wing. He needs to keep this up though…fetch us a nice return Mr. Staal.
  • Kunitz. He’ll do.

So I know nobody’s reading …but I’m going to do what I do.

There’s nothing worth reading yet…but there will be.

Someday? soon.

If you happen to see this…Hit the Comments.

Go Pens.

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